Product update

Product update

February 9th 2020

  • Wireframe mode
  • Automatic theme generator from images
  • Automatic theme generator from URLs
  • Automatic theme generator from Sketch files

November 3rd 2020

  • Permissions improvements
  • Duplicate prototypes
  • Duplicate themes
  • Export to JPG, PNG, PDF

September 21st 2020

  • Multiplayer
  • Public commenting
  • Trackpad pinch zoom
  • Permissions system for projects

August 26th 2020:  

In late August we released the new updated version of Uizard making editing and customizing components easier than ever before. The update brought with it:

  • New way of moving, adding and deleting components
  • Free moving around the canvas
  • Copy/past of components and artboards
  • and much more!
August 26th 2020 

June 10th 2020

May 28th 2020: Overall updates

  • Updated roles and permissions
  • Web compiler improvement
  • Platform fixes

April 15th 2020

April 15th 2020

April 2nd: New components in themes

  • Dropdown
  • Stepper
  • Cards

April 1st 2020

April 1st 2020

March 17th 2020:

  • Updates to the themes
  • Improved drag & drop feature
  • New sketching guide
  • Save custom templates

January 31st 2020: Desktop Support

  • Support for desktop and web app prototypes
  • Increased accuracy for mobile wireframe detection
  • Support for custom images
  • Layout fine-tuning controls
  • Support for Vue, Angular, and React (CSS, Styled Components, CSS Modules)
  • Support for artboard creation from scratch
  • Component starter kit
  • Dark Mode
January 31st 2020

June 6th 2019: Code Mode

No more snippets of code. Explore the entire generated project structure of your prototype in HTML/CSS, React, and Android.

June 6th 2019

April 4th 2019: Collaborate

You can now invite your friends and colleagues to collaborate with you on a prototype.

April 4th 2019

March 5th 2019: End-to-end workflow

Hack your design sprint! Watch Tony go from a few hand-drawn wireframes to an interactive prototype in 5 minutes.

March 5th 2019

January 24th 2019: Export interactive prototypes to code

It is now possible to export interactive prototypes to Sketch files, to HTML/CSS, and to Android code.

January 24th 2019

December 12th 2018: Prototyping

This video showcases how to use Uizard to transform several hand-drawn wireframes into a clickable high-fidelity interactive prototype.

December 12th 2018

October 25th 2018: Generating HTML/CSS

Uizard members can now download HTML and CSS code straight from their hand-drawn wireframes.

October 25th 2018

August 31st 2018: Style guides

This feature allows Uizard members to specify exactly how they want each element to look like and transform their wireframes according to the defined style system.

August 31st 2018

August 3rd 2018: From the whiteboard to Sketch with Uizard

This is a real-time video demonstrating how to transform automatically a hand-drawn wireframe on a whiteboard to a Sketch file.

August 3rd 2018