Export interactive prototypes to code

It is now possible to export interactive prototypes to Sketch files, to HTML/CSS, and to Android code.

January 24th 2019


This video showcases how to use Uizard to transform several hand-drawn wireframes into a clickable high-fidelity interactive prototype.

December 12th 2018

Generating HTML/CSS

Uizard members can now download HTML and CSS code straight from their hand-drawn wireframes.

October 25th 2018

Style guides

This feature allows Uizard members to specify exactly how they want each element to look like and transform their wireframes according to the defined style system.

August 31st 2018

From the whiteboard to Sketch with Uizard

This is a real-time video demonstrating how to transform automatically a hand-drawn wireframe on a whiteboard to a Sketch file.

August 3rd 2018