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iOS 15 Mobile App Template | Design iOS 15 Apps | Uizard

iOS 15 was just revealed at WWDC 2021, we made a template and a theme just for you!

Apple just announced iOS 15, their latest mobile OS packed with powerful features that enhance the iPhone experience.

The all new iOS 15 style — delightfully redesigned — is live in Uizard

iOS 15 celebrates the past, present, and future of Apple with a beautifully-crafted redesign. The new mobile OS was announced on June 7 at WWDC 2021, and today on June 9, an iOS 15 template is already live in Uizard.

Featuring a clean look that combines the most classic elements of iOS, Uizard's iOS 15 template will help you create something fresh and modern, without losing any of the familiarity users have come to expect from Apple.

An iOS 15 template that opens the door for innovation

Representing the looks of iOS 15, the template in Uizard is simple and elegant, yet really powerful.

The template is designed to encourage the creation of applications, using a familiar yet exciting interface. Uizard's iOS 15 template and theme fosters innovation and invites you to design your next iOS app using Apple's latest clean and modern look, using the easiest design tool for mobile app creation!

What pages are included?

  • Focus mode screen
  • A sharing screen in Health, as in Shareplay
  • Apple Music screen
  • the iPhone Spotlight search screen
  • Siri knowledge screen
  • Photo memories screen

Interactive Preview