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Website Wireframe Template | Design A Web Page | Uizard

A website wireframe template as initial blueprint for your next web page

Apart from being a high-fidelity design tool, Uizard is also in fact an effective wireframe maker for low-fidelity prototypes.

Website Wireframe on Uizard is the perfect website wireframe template for you if you want to create an initial blueprint for your next web page. Using basic low-fidelity components, this template offers a powerful layout for your future designs, whilst helping your stakeholders focus on your web page's key purpose and functionality.

Uizard as an easy-to-use wireframe maker

Uizard's Wireframe mode offers an entirely different, yet equally strong, value to your design workflow. As an easy-to-use wireframe maker, Uizard enables you to iterate fast with low-fidelity wireframes.

This website wireframe template gives you everything you need to start wireframing your next website or web app idea. Move and edit all the provided pages and components to create the perfect low-fidelity mockup for your project.

Save development resources and improve efficiency with Uizard's website wireframe template

Using this website wireframe template and Uizard as your wireframe maker can help you minimize spending on your development resources, as you would already be exploring different concepts early on! Last minute reworks don't only waste financial resources, but also valuable time.

Coupled with Uizard's foolproof wireframe maker, this website wireframe template will help you and your team compare varying approaches before you spend your resources to a final design.

What pages are included?

  • A landing page template with reusable sections, including but not limited to, testimonials, featured articles, and newsletter subscription
  • An "About" page that features your story and your team
  • A "Contact Us" page with a form, complemented by a placeholder for a pinned map on "Find us here"

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