Uizard Screenshot

Upload screenshots of apps or web pages and transform them into customizable mockups in seconds.

Convert screenshots into editable UI designs

Convert screenshots into UI designs rapidly with Uizard Screenshot. Simply take a snap of an app or website and let Uizard do the rest. Uizard's AI design features are here to transform the way you think about design.

From screenshot to UI design

Upload screenshots of a website, app, or UI design and iterate with ease. Uizard Screenshot enables you to transform images into customizable UI components, giving you the power to iterate on your ideas like never before.

Advance your design

Iterate your designs with Uizard's fast and powerful drag-and-drop editor to really bring your vision to life. Update text, add new images, create user journeys from one screen to the next - with Uizard's AI design features, you can even import the themes of other apps with the click of a button.

Learn more about AI design

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AI Design is here

Bring your ideas to life at the speed of light with Uizard's AI UI designer