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UI design templates

Bring your ideas to life with our pre-made UI design templates. Whether you are looking for an app design template or something for web, our UI templates come with all the must-have components baked in!

Mobile app design templates

Fast track your design flow with one of our mobile app UI templates, perfect for your android or iOS mobile app design project.

Website design templates

Designing your very own website but don't have time to work on the finer detail? Our website UI templates are fully customizable and just a click away.

Web app design templates

The perfect place to start for designing your very own web app. Simply sign up to Uizard and let our pre-made web app UI templates do the rest.

Tablet design templates

A collection of pre-made tablet UI design templates, created, and optimized with success in mind to kick off your own projects.

UI components library

The building blocks for designing mobile apps, websites, and desktop software, explore our range of drag-and-drop UI components and streamline the way you design.

UI templates for non-designers

Bring your vision to life today!