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Music Streaming Website Template

Introducing AudioX, our music streaming website design template

AudioX is a music streaming web app template for anyone designing a modern streaming media service. Whether you are building a new podcast web app or a new music streaming web app, AudioX has everything you could possibly need for UX/UI prototyping your own design.

A music streaming web app template that emulates the greats

If you are interested in building your own media streaming service, you definitely want to borrow the winning design principles used by the most popular music streaming services out there. The web app version of AudioX gives you just that!

Design your own music streaming web app in seconds

Uizard web design templatescome with all the must-have design and UI considerations baked in, making your design flow quicker and easier than ever before. Simply sign up to Uizard, open the template, and get to work designing your project.

What pages are included?

  • Screens of the login flow (sign-up, sign-in, user registration)
  • Home screen
  • Content search screen
  • Personal library screen
  • Screen for showcasing the profile of artists/content creators
  • Screen for listing all the work of a specific artist/content creator

Interactive Preview