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IBM Carbon Cloud Dashboard Web App

A cloud web app template that enables you to design a software application using IBM Carbon Design System

Carbon Cloud Dashboard on Uizard is a template that you can use when you want to design a software application. This web app template reflects the IBM Carbon Design System, which is the open source official design system for IBM web and product. The Carbon Design System uses a series of unique styles, components, and guidelines that altogether create a unified user interface.

Design a software application, an app, or a website with the Carbon Design System

Whether you want to design a software application, an app, or a website, as long as you want to use the Carbon Design System, Uizard remains a relevant tool of choice. Built-in with Uizard's themes is IBM's Carbon Design System, which you can use to create any mockup.

A perfect slate for designing software

Carbon Cloud Dashboard features a sleek and minimalistic design for your next digital product, dashboard project, or SaaS software. It's clean and simple — a perfect slate for when you design a software application.

What pages are included?

  • A software homepage
  • A settings and user preferences page
  • A dashboard page