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Our goal is to allow more people to create software-based solutions by shortening the time from an initial idea to a fully functional system. By a click of a button, UIzard turns your ideas into working code for every platform you target.

Less coding 💻 = More iteration cycles 🚀 = Fostered innovation 💡

Are you a designer?

We believe designers should not restrict their creativity by being required to use a specific graphics editor.

UIzard only cares about pixels so you can keep using your favorite tool; whether you lean on the Photoshop or the Sketch side.

Are you a developer?

We think front-end developers spend too much of their precious time implementing user interfaces.

UIzard assists you getting the UI code right so you can focus on building the kick-ass features that matter to your new app.

Are you an entrepreneur?

We know how time-consuming it is to transform an idea into a working prototype.

UIzard allows you to quickly validate a concept by generating functional user interfaces from a UI mockup without you having to write a single line of code.

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UIzard gets its magical powers from the latest breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence; more specifically Deep Learning. Our technology is deeply rooted in academic research and UIzard would not exist without open access to scientific publications. For this reason, we commit to share our own research with the community to help push the field forward.

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How does it work?

UIzard is the world-first tool being able to transform a UI screenshot into working code. Simply upload your image, select the targeted platform(s), press the magic button, and let UIzard do the rest.




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The more you use it, the more amazing it gets! UIzard learns from you and gets smarter to better suit your needs.

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