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UI templates

Bring your ideas to life with our pre-made UI design templates. Whether you are working on an app design or something for web, our UI templates come with all the components and user journeys included.

uizard ui design templates

App design

Fast-track your app UI design with one of our mobile app design templates. Going from idea to design has never been easier - simply select a template and create a project.

Productivity app

Dating app

Food delivery app

Website design

Designing your very own website but don't have time to work on the finer detail? Our website design templates are fully customizable and just a click away.

Startup website landing page

E-commerce website

Real estate website

Web app design

The perfect place to start for designing your very own web app. Simply sign up to Uizard and let our pre-made web app UI design templates do the hard work.

Material Design web app

IBM Carbon dashboard

HR web app

Tablet app design

A collection of pre-made tablet UI design templates, created, and optimized with success in mind to kick off your own projects.

Book tablet app

News feed tablet app

E-learning tablet app

UI design made easy - powered by AI

The future of UI design is here. Uizard's easy-to-use, drag-and-drop editor empowers you to design and collaborate faster than ever before.

Kickstart your project from scratch or supercharge your productivity with AI, the choice is yours.

App wireframes

Want to start with a low-fi UI design template? Uizard's wireframe templates are the perfect launching point for your next project. Use in medium fidelity or switch to low-fi with the click of a button with Wireframe Mode.

Mobile app wireframe template

Banking app wireframe

Tracking app wireframe

Website wireframes

Maybe you've got a great concept for a new e-commerce web store or a social media web app? Uizard's website wireframes are the perfect launching off point. Created by professional designers, theses wireframe templates come with all necessary user interactions included.

Website wireframe

Ecommerce website wireframe

Website wireframe UI kit

UI components

Uizard's library of UI design component templates. Start a project from scratch or fast-track your design with drag-and-drop editing.

Gallery UI design

Dialog UI design

Navigation UI design

UI design FAQs

What is UI design?
What is the difference between UI design and UX design?
What are the key elements of UI design?
Why is UI design important?
What tools are commonly used for UI design?
How do you ensure a UI design is user-friendly?
How can I learn UI design?

A UI design template for any project...

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