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It should only take seconds to test an idea, not days.

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Share your vision instantly

Save time and take control of your ideas. Drag-and-drop functional components to quickly and easily create interactive prototypes for mobile apps, websites, and desktop apps.

Beyond wireframing

Import and transform your wireframes -- automatically

Whether you prefer to sketch your ideas on paper, whiteboard, tablet, or in a wireframing tool, Uizard can transform your wireframes into digital artboards ready to use in your interactive prototypes.


Good ideas can come from anyone

A prototyping tool should empower everyone in your team. Quickly and easily create clickable prototypes and user flows with real interactive components. Create, test, collaborate, share, and iterate all in the browser.


Experiment at the speed of thought

Explore and test different ideas, themes, and styles instantly whether you want to experiment with your team in a design sprint or adapt the style of your prototypes for different audiences.


Prototyping should never be a dead end

No need to start from scratch anymore! Export your entire project to code and to your favorite design tool.

Export to design tools

Export to a Sketch file (compatible with both Figma and Adobe XD) to make it pixel-perfect or to design on top of your Uizard prototype.

Uizard Export to Sketch
Uizard Export to Figma
Uizard Export to Adobe XD

Export to code

No snippets nor low-code here! Export your entire prototype into developer-friendly front-end code: HTML/CSS, React, Vue, Angular, and more.

Uizard Export to HTML
Uizard Export to CSS
Uizard Export to React
Uizard Export to Vue
Uizard Export to Angular

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