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Create UI designs from text prompts

Generate UI designs using a few simple words with Uizard Autodesigner. Enter your design idea, select a theme, and Autodesigner will generate a multi-screen, editable mockup and a matter of seconds.

Turn screenshots into editable UI designs

Transform app and web screenshots into editable designs with Uizard's Screenshot Scanner. Iterating on established designs has never been easier.

Collaborative UI design

Work alongside your team in real time with Uizard's drag-and-drop editor to transform your ideas into design reality.

Share your project externally or open conversations for feedback and iteration, collaboration has never been easier.

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UI design made easy

Ready to kickstart your next UI design project? With Uizard's drag-and-drop editor, bringing your vision to life has never been easier.

Generate a design with AI, use one of Uizard's premade UI design templates, or start with a blank canvas!

Learn about UI design

UI design explained

Explore the world of UI design with the Uizard blog.

Whether you're a beginner exploring the fundamentals or a seasoned designer looking for a fresh perspective, we've got you covered.

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UI design FAQs

What is UI design?

User interface (UI) design is the discipline focused on designing the visual elements and interactive components of software. It involves creating intuitive, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing interfaces, using elements such as buttons, text elements, navigational components, and imagery. The goal is to design a product that is both user-friendly and accessible. While closely related, UI design is distinct from user experience (UX) design, which refers to the overall user experience with a product, including its functionality and accessibility.

How do I create a UI design?

Creating a UI design begins with understanding the needs and expectations of users, typically through user research and persona creation. This understanding informs the design structure, deciding how users will interact with a product. Once interactions are defined, the visual design is created, taking into consideration colors, fonts, and images, whilst adhering to principles like hierarchy, balance, and contrast. Prototypes are then built to test the interface, linking different screens together to simulate user experience. User testing is crucial at this stage, providing feedback on the intuitiveness and usability of the design.

What makes a good UI design?

Good UI design is intuitive, consistent, responsive, clear, visually pleasing, and accessible. It's easy to navigate without much guidance. With a great UI design, consistent elements promote familiarity and responsiveness and guarantees usability across various devices. Also important is clarity of design, which ensures effective communication of core messaging whilst also providing accurate feedback on user actions. Lastly, a great UI is accessible, catering to a variety of user needs, and promoting inclusiveness.

What is the best UI design tool?

The "best" UI design tool often depends on the specific needs and experience level of the designer or team. However, generally speaking, drag-and-drop design tools, such as Uizard, are often favored due to their ease of use and speed. These tools allow designers to quickly assemble user interfaces without needing advanced technical skills or knowledge. They typically come with a library of pre-designed elements and components that can be arranged to create a wide variety of interface designs. This can be especially helpful for beginners, or for professionals who want to rapidly prototype different design ideas.

UI design. Simplified.

UI design made easy with the power of AI