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Product Managers & Product Teams

Visualize your ideas at lightning speed

Create wireframes and mockups in an instant and move your projects forward faster than ever before. AI for product teams is here!

Convert screenshots into editable designs

Upload screenshots of your apps and websites and transform them into editable mockups.

It's never been easier to update and iterate on existing features. Why spend weeks waiting for a mockup when you can convert a screenshot and iterate in seconds?

From low to high fidelity with a click

Simplify your workflow… Use Uizard's Wireframe Mode to render your project in low fidelity, and then switch back to high fidelity with one simple click.

Whether you're sharing your mockup with a design team or with external stakeholders, choose the fidelity that will best communicate your message and share instantly.

Generate mockups with Autodesigner

From idea to clickable, interactive prototype in seconds. Generate product mockups from text prompts with the power of generative AI.

Gone are the days of waiting weeks for design resources... take control of your workflow like never before.

Sketch to wireframe

Your new feature idea might start with pen and paper, or it could be jotted down on a notepad, or it may even start with you and your team huddled around a whiteboard. Introducing Uizard's Wireframe Scanner... convert your hand-drawn concepts in professional designs in seconds.

Find me in the magic menu in the editor ;)

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Overview of Uizard's collaborative features

Working as a team... Simplified

With Uizard's user-friendly interface and smart sharing options, you can easily add new team members to your project and work together in real time.

Collaborate with your team and co-create new features, generate new ideas, and quickly test your prototypes with users and stakeholders.

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Go from idea to release

Ideate and iterate faster than ever before with the power of AI!

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