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Quick and easy wireframing

Design wireframes for apps, websites, and UIs rapidly and collaboratively. Wireframing has never been so easy.

Collaborative wireframing

Collaborative wireframing with your team in Uizard is fast and easy. Simply share a link to your project and start designing wireframes collaboratively straight from your web browser. No software install required, just pure productivity.

Transform product wireframes into mockups

Disable wireframe mode at any time to render your project as a high-fidelity mockup. Test different styles instantly with the power of UI templates to experiment with your product, app, or web design.

AI-powered wireframing

Drawing to wireframe, with the power of AI

If you and your team sketch your ideas with pen and paper, Uizard's Design Assistant can automatically transform your hand-drawn wireframe into customizable screens for your web or mobile project. No more lost sketches!

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Learn to wireframe

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Wireframing FAQs

What is wireframe software?

Wireframing software is software designed to help users build a wireframe or a set of wireframes. Typically, wireframing software focuses on speed and accessibility, supporting the user to create wireframes as quickly and as easily as possible. Wireframing tools, such as Uizard, include predefined wireframing components that the user can drag and drop onto their designs.

What do wireframing tools do?

Wireframe tools allow users to rapidly create wireframes for their projects or products. Designed with ease of use in mind, they often come with smart collaboration features to support team working. Easy wireframing tools such as Uizard also support the user right through to the prototyping stage, giving full-spectrum design coverage.

How to use wireframe tools?

Most wireframing design tools are built with usability in mind, with tools such as Uizard being specifically made for non-designers among other use cases. This means wireframing software is often very user friendly. Once a user signs up they can begin working on their own wireframes and have them ready in minutes.

Which wireframe software is best?

Which wireframe software is best largely comes down to the user and what they are looking for from the tool they are using. For non-designers, or those with minimal design experience, easy wireframing tools like Uizard will likely suit better due to their ease of use and smart collaboration features, whereas tools like Figma are more aligned with designers who have advanced skills.

Are there any free wireframing tools?

Some mainstream wireframing tools do not offer free versions and instead utilize pricing tiers depending on the scope of use. There are some prominent tools that do offer free versions of their software however, with both Figma and Uizard offering free plans.

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