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users collaboratively designing a mobile app wireframe in uizard
Wireframing tool

Easy online wireframing

Turn hand-drawn wireframes into editable designs with the power of AI and switch fidelity with the click of a button.

Going from basic wireframe to polished UI design has never been easier.

Digitize your hand-drawn wireframes

Transform your wireframe sketches into digital designs with the power of AI. With Wireframe Scanner, simply upload your wireframe drawings and watch as Uizard turns them into editable designs in no time at all.

Introducing... Wireframe Mode

Instantly switch the fidelity of your designs with the click of a button. Uizard's Wireframe Mode gives you the superpower of fidelity control. Rollback your design in seconds to make iteration a breeze.

Collaborative wireframing unlocked

Working with your team in Uizard is fast and easy. Simply share a link to your project and start designing collaboratively straight from your browser. No software install required, just pure productivity. Wireframing has never been easier.

Used by individuals and teams at the world's boldest companies
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Wireframing FAQs

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Wireframing made easy

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