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UI mockup design for mobile apps, web pages, and digital products made easy with our drag-and-drop editor.

UI Mockups for non-designers

Our mission is the democratization of design. With Uizard's intuitive UI mockup tool, you can design your own mobile app mockup or web design; collaborate with your team; and share your UX design with key stakeholders with a click of a button.

Bring your mockup to life, rapidly

Creating UX/UI mockups has never been so quick and simple. Whether you are working from a sketch or creating a mockup from scratch with dynamic assets, Uizard empowers you to realize your design in minutes.

Streamline your mockup designs with our UI templates

Introducing... Uizard UI templates. With our app design templates, no design experience is required. Simply open one of our mobile app, web app, or web design templates, tweak it to suit your MVP or service, and share it with your team.

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Learn UX/UI mockup design

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Mockup FAQs

What are UI mockup tools?

A UI mockup tool allows users to design webpages or apps and subsequently populate these mockups with assets and imagery. Some UX/UI mockup tools then allow the user to advance their mockup on to the functional prototype stage of design.

What are the best UI mockup tools for app mockups?

There are many app mockup tools on the market however, which app mockup tool is best will largely come down to the user's level of design skill. User friendly mockup tools like Uizard are a great option for non-designers and those with limited experience in design, whereas UX/UI mockup tools such as Figma tend to be used by experienced, advanced designers.

What are the best UI mockup tools for web mockups?

Which UI mockup tool is best for web mockup depends largely on the user's skill with design practices. Software such as Uizard is the best option for people with less or no design experience while experienced designers tend to use highly technical UX/UI mockup tools such as Figma.

How much do UI mockup tools cost?

The price of UI mockup tools varies however, paid plans can range anything from 10 USD monthly to upwards of 200 USD a month. Some UX/UI mockup tools, such as Uizard, do however offer free plans for users, with optional upgrade to paid plans to unlock extra features.

UI Mockup design made easy

Turn your ideas into UX/UI mockups in minutes