Probably the easiest design tool you'll ever use

No design experience nor development experience required!

Not everyone is a designer, but everyone can have transformative ideas.
Not everyone is a designer, but everyone can have transformative ideas.

Less is more

Uizard is not a complex photo-editing software like Adobe Photoshop nor a vector illustration tool like Adobe Illustrator that requires weeks of training before you can create anything.

Uizard is not a complex UI design tool with a slow learning curve such as Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, or InVision Studio.

All these tools are made for designers. Uizard is made for everyone else!

If you can use Google Slides, Keynote, or PowerPoint, you can use Uizard.


For distributed teams

You can invite anyone to collaborate in real-time in Uizard regardless of whether they are sitting next to you in the office or working from home on the other end of the world. You can simply share a link as you would in Google Docs or invite your teammates by email.


Pre-made templates

No more blank screens! Uizard's templates always reflect your project theme and increase your flexibility while decreasing your work time. You can simply and easily design your project by dragging and dropping the templates you like.


AI design assistant

Uizard is powered by artificial intelligence. Uizard's AI is here to assist you along your creative journey and to help you bring your wildest ideas to life as easily and quickly as possible.


All in the browser

Uizard works in the web browser: no software nor plugin install required! It works across all platforms and all operating systems: Windows, Linux, Chrome, and Mac. Just open a tab and start creating!

Design is for everyone

Create, test, collaborate, all in the browser