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Wireframe Scanner

Scan your wireframe drawings and convert them into editable mockups with the power of AI.

From wireframe drawing to digital design

Whether you've sketched your ideas on paper or scribbled them down on a whiteboard, Uizard AI can turn your sketches into editable mockups in a matter of seconds. Ideation and iteration just got a whole lot faster.

Digitize your designs in seconds

Bring your hand-drawn concepts to life in no time at all. With Uizard's AI features and drag-and-drop editor, going from design idea to high-fidelity, clickable prototype has never been easier.

Switch fidelity with Wireframe Mode

Once you've scanned in your hand-drawn wireframes, you can easily switch between mockup and basic wireframe with Uizard's Wireframe Mode!

Switch from high to low fidelity in an instant with the click of a button.

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From sketch to wireframe

Transform your workflow with Uizard today

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