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Uizard vs. Figma

Uizard is an easy-to-use alternative to Figma for designing apps, websites, and digital products with the power of AI.

Screenshot of the Uizard's design tool
Screenshot of the Uizard's design tool

Go from idea to design in minutes...

Uizard was build with speed, ease-of-use, and customization in mind - making it the perfect alternative to vector-based design tools.

Powered by AI, Uizard empowers you to bring your ideas to life rapidly and collaboratively like never before.

Read more about why Uizard makes the perfect Figma alternative...

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Why Uizard?

Uizard was built with product teams in mind, with the goal of empowering its users to design digital products at speed - no complicated vector-based design skills required.

With Uizard, you can design apps, websites, and UIs in minutes, whether you are creating something from scratch or leveraging powerful AI to generate UI designs from text prompts.

The Uizard team prides itself on providing a magical design solution to product teams the world over.

Gallery of screens of apps and websites created in Uizard
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For product teams

Just like Figma, with Uizard you can invite anyone to collaborate in real-time regardless of whether they are sitting next to you in the office or working from home on the other side of the planet. Use our smart sharing features to share your project with the click of a button.

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AI Design Assistant

Uizard's powerful AI design features give you countless ways to navigate product discovery. Generate screens, themes, images, and text with Uizard's AI UI generator, Autodesigner, or iterate on established features and screens with Screenshot Scanner.

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Dynamic product templates

No more blank screens! Uizard templates always reflect your project theme and increase your flexibility while decreasing your work time. Designing digital products has never been so easy.

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In-browser mastery

Uizard works directly in your web browser: no software or plugin install required!

Whatever operating system you're working on, you're only a few clicks away from kickstarting your next digital product design project. Sign up today.

Uizard: A Figma alternative

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