Welcome your new team member: AI

Design doesn't have to be hard! Uizard's AI design assistant is here to help you bring your ideas to life easily and make them look professional and beautiful in minutes.

Create themes from images

Regardless of where you get inspiration from, you can upload it to Uizard and we will generate a custom-made matching theme just for you!

Uizard uses powerful deep learning algorithms to extract components and styling properties from the images you upload: photos, screenshots, moodboards, you name it!

You can then easily use the generated colors, typographies, style, and components into your next project or customize them further to your liking in Uizard.

Turn scribbles into screens

Every great idea starts with a sketch! People draw scribbles on whiteboards, post-its, notebooks, or on tablet apps and design software.

Regardless of how and where you and your team sketch ideas, you can simply upload pictures of your hand-drawn wireframes and screenshots of your digital low-fidelity mockups into Uizard.

Our technology uses computer vision and machine learning to transform your scribbles into digital screens and components that you can then completely customize, edit freely, and use into high-fidelity interactive prototypes.

Import your existing design assets

Chances are, you probably already have some design assets laying around: your company's website, a design system, a brand style guide, the project you shipped last quarter...

Uizard can automatically extract styling properties and components from a URL, an app screenshot, or from a Sketch file.

This means that you can easily import your existing design assets into Uizard instead of starting completely from scratch!

Curious about how all this AI magic is even possible?

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