AI Design Assistant

Say hello to your new team member: AI

Uizard's AI-powered Design Assistant is here to change the way you think about design.

Turn sketches into editable mockups

Whether you scribble your app ideas down on a whiteboard, in a notebook, or on a scrap of paper, transforming your idea into a digital mockup has never been so easy. Scan your product sketches with Uizard's Scribble Scanner now and watch the AI design magic unfold.

Introducing; Text Assistant

Looking for the perfect copy or placeholder text? Use the power of Uizard's Text Assistant to generate page titles, subheadings, and CTA text.

Create variants of your mockup text and swap it out for the perfect AI-generated replacement in next to no time.

Import your existing design assets

Chances are, you already have some design assets laying around for your brand or MVP. Uizard can automatically extract styling properties and components from a URL, an app screenshot, or from a Sketch file.

This means that you can easily import your existing design assets into Uizard to fast-track your design flow.

Extract design styles from screenshots

Uizard's AI can even extract colors, stylization, typography, and other components from any app screenshot, meaning you can transfer a design style from one project to another with just a few clicks of a button.

Create themes from images

Uizard uses powerful deep learning algorithms to generate beautiful design themes from the images you upload.

Photos, screenshots, mood boards… regardless of where you get inspiration from, Uizard can generate a custom-made matching theme in no time at all.

Curious about how all this AI magic is even possible?

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