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The democratization of design

The 'no design' movement is here, and it's here to stay. Our mission is to empower designers and non-designers alike.

The Design Tool for Managers

Product and Project Managers

Uizard for... project managers and product managers. Streamline and fast track your wireframing and prototyping with Uizard today. Whether you are a team of 2 or a team of 10, Uizard can empower you and your team to work quickly and collaboratively.

The Design Tool for Founders

Startup Founders

Uizard for... founders and entrepreneurs. With the power of Uizard, you can portray your vision through quick and easy high quality design prototyping in minutes — whatever your product or service might be.

Design made easy with the magic of Uizard

Whether you are desiging a mobile app, a web app, or a webpage, Uizard is here to help you create, update, and iterate like never before. Powered by AI, we are changing the way the world designs software.

Used by individuals and teams at the world's boldest companies
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Design mobile apps, web apps, websites, and desktop interfaces easily.

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