About us

We are an internationally distributed team
of software engineers, designers, and AI researchers with one thing in common:
a genuine love for cutting-edge technology and beautiful design! 😍

Our mission

Our ultimate goal is to empower anyone to create digital products, regardless of their design or technical background.

Towards this end, our first humble baby step is to help teams and enable individuals to easily turn their ideas into interactive designs.

Fun facts


We are 9 different nationalities and speak 10 different languages


We are distributed in 5 different countries


When we are not working from home, we commute by bike or electric car

How it started

The Uizard journey started as a machine learning research project called pix2code in 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Uizard only fully formed as a company in early 2018 after a trip to San Francisco and a hacking session in a Mountain View garage—like a true Silicon Valley cliché.

Bring your ideas to life easily

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