About us

We are a team of skilled engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs with one thing in common: we are passionate about the web/app development industry and want to improve the current workflow which is too often tedious and repetitive.

We come from all over Europe and have all closely collaborated with designers and developers, helplessly assisting to a broken workflow. We strongly believe that the future of the industry is to assist people with AI to give them superpowers, not to replace them.


Our vision is to improve the designer/developer workflow that too often results in more frustration than innovation.

Less Manual Work 💻 = More Iteration Cycles 🚀 = Fostered Innovation 💡

As a designer you want to focus on solving visual problems, sketch neat screens with end-users in mind; but you end up losing your creative flow having to ensure your vision is materialized in the end product. Iterating over multiple solutions with developers shouldn't be so painful and it should not take so long to go from an idea to a prototype.

As a developer you want to focus on implementing the logic, the animations, and the core functionality; but you end up wasting the majority of your time coding user interfaces. Writing front-end code can be quite repetitive, frustrating, and so time-consuming that it prevents iteration cycles with designers.


Meet our awesome team of talented people from all over the world.

Tony Beltramelli
Tony Beltramelli🇫🇷
CEO & Co-founder
Machine learning and computer vision
Henrik Haugbølle
Henrik Haugbølle🇩🇰
CTO & Co-founder
Product and full stack engineering
Florian van Schreven
Florian van Schreven🇳🇱
COO & Co-founder
Business strategy and marketing
Ioannis Sintos
Ioannis Sintos🇬🇷
COO & Co-founder
Cloud computing and infrastructure
Radoslav Bali
Radoslav Bali🇸🇰
Lead Designer
Arturo Arranz Mateo
Arturo Arranz Mateo🇪🇸
Computer Vision Engineer
Javier Fuentes Alonso
Javier Fuentes Alonso🇪🇸
Computer Vision Engineer
Fantastic Person
Fantastic Person☀️
Being Awesome


Uizard is backed by a strong team of international investors.

LDV Capital
7percent Ventures
New York Venture Partners
The Nordic Web Ventures


We are proud to have a talented team, who have been studying, developing competencies, and gaining knowledge at the following universities.

IT University of Copenhagen
ETH Zurich
Technical University of Denmark
Telecom ParisTech
UC Berkeley
We have collaborated on machine learning research with the following bright students.
Alexandre Zouaoui, Noah Gundotra, Luke Dai, Japjot Singh, Aismit Das, Samyak Parajuli, Ajay Raj, Dennis Yang
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