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App wireframes

Save time on your next digital product design project with a medium fidelity app wireframe template. Packed with all the must have components and user journeys, you can use Uizard app wireframes as they are or use Wireframe Mode to turn the template into a low-fidelity design! Online wireframing has never been easier.

Screenshot of Mobile App Wireframe: cover

Mobile app wireframe template

tracking app wireframe design cover

Tracking app wireframe

Plant care app wireframe design cover

Plant care app wireframe

Pet sitting app wireframe design cover

Pet sitting app wireframe

mobile banking app wireframe cover

Banking app wireframe

App wireframing made easy

Bring your ideas to life with a medium fidelity app wireframe - each wireframe template comes with your user interactions included! Going from idea to wireframe to interactive prototype has never been easier. Explore the app wireframe template below and see how it all works (clickable links in blue).

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App wireframe FAQs

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How to wireframe an app
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App wireframing - simplified

Create an app wireframe in seconds.

Screenshot of mobile app screens and web pages designed in Uizard