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Screenshot Scanner

Turn screenshots of apps, features, or digital products into editable mockups in seconds.

Screenshot Scanner empowers product teams to stay agile and iterate faster than ever before.

Iterate in seconds

Ideating new ideas and iterating on established designs couldn't be easier. Whether you are a product manager or founder bringing your MVP to life, you can now take inspiration from anywhere using a simple screenshot.

Upload a screenshot and edit it in seconds with Uizard's easy-to-use, drag-and-drop editor.

how a user can use Uizard to go from a rough wireframe to a design mockup and a polished design

From screenshot to mockup

Screenshot Scanner empowers product teams to bring their ideas to life at speed in a collaborative space.

Never face a design bottleneck again, go from screenshot to clickable, interactive prototype in no time at all.

AI for digital product design...

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AI product design is here...

Go from idea to design with the power of AI.

Screenshot of mobile app screens and web pages designed in Uizard