Dialog Components

Dialog modal windows for all your app designs

Drag-and-drop customizable dialog component templates to create an intuitive user experience.

With the built-in dialog component templates in Uizard, you can create rich, realistic designs that you can quickly show to your team to get feedback and iterate rapidly.

Completely customizable dialog templates

Uizard's dialog templates are completely customizable to reflect your branding. Both the individual components within a component template, as well as its colors and styles, can be tailor-made to your liking.

Design quickly and easily with Uizard's drag-and-drop builder

Uizard's dialog component templates enable you to create popup and modal windows in no time. Drag-and-drop these pre-made templates to craft the best user experiences. The templates — which are part of a growing list — make designing a breeze.

In Uizard, you can leverage various dialog component templates to create unique designs that include custom styling.

Which templates are included?

  • Delete confirmation dialog
  • Chat bot support
  • Customer support card
  • Subscribe to newsletter pop up
  • Dialog card
  • Dialog card input fields