Header Components

Pre-made headers for your mobile and web apps

Create an engaging user experience by dragging-and-dropping header templates in Uizard.

Browse through all the different mobile app and website header templates to create an engaging user experience for your projects. All header templates in Uizard are fully customizable with no design experience required.

Easily style header templates for your unique project requirements

Header templates in Uizard are fully resizable and customizable to suit any design. All of the content and components are completely editable, and the style can always be adjusted to reflect your needs.

Uizard's header templates are quick and simple to edit

They're perfect for rapid prototype creation! Save yourself from brainstorming and designing a header by simply dragging-and-dropping one of Uizard's pre-made header templates.

There are numerous header component template currently available in Uizard, and the list is continuously growing.

What components are included?

  • Thick app nav bar
  • Simple top nav
  • Web app header
  • Web app header
  • Header hero signup
  • App header and stories
  • Simple app header
  • App top nav search
  • App hero with icons
  • Web app top bar
  • App nav with back button
  • App header with title