Social Components

Everything you need to design social apps

Drag-and-drop social component templates to create a user-friendly design for your social media.

Create a user-friendly social media app or website that looks and feels native to your brand by using Uizard's built-in social component templates. Available for both web and mobile, this collection of social component templates provide you with a variety of designs to fit a variety of use cases.

Design social apps with Uizard's customizable and engaging social component templates

You can use Uizard to design social apps with social component templates, such as private or group chats, stories, comments, and reviews.

Uizard's component templates let you incorporate interactive and engaging social media components into your mobile or web app. These customizable, embeddable templates can be used within seconds — no design experience or coding required.

Social component templates that blend beautifully with the rest of your site's content

Social component templates from Uizard will always reflect your chosen theme and as such, will blend beautifully with the rest of your site's content and features, giving them the look and feel you'd like to impart.

Uizard's social component templates are clean and sleek, so that your content is right where you want it to be — and they can be easily integrated with any design.

Which templates are included?

  • Comments or reviews
  • Social media postcard
  • Footer work message app
  • App header and stories
  • Conversation list and stories
  • Chat