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Crypto app UI design template

Screenshot of Crypto NFT Mobile App: cover

A crypto app design template for mobile

Believers in the blockchain, web3 innovators, cryptocurrency influencers, NFT traders — this template was made just for you. Our crypto app template for mobile is easy to use and is certain to streamline the app design process for your own crypto project.

Crypto mobile app design made easy

It's hard enough to build a truly decentralized web architecture on the blockchain. That's why designing a compelling mobile app for your service should be easy. As with all Uizard mobile templates, our crypto mobile app design template has all your UI considerations baked in, meaning you can focus purely on personalization.

The lego blocks for your crypto-based service

Whether you want to build an NFT art marketplace or a crypto trading platform, you'll need some screens to provide users with an easy way to manage their portfolio, trade assets, and mint, buy, sell, bid, and auction their NFT art. This template has all the required building blocks to enable you to build a unique user experience, using battle-tested design principles. Sign up to Uizard Pro and start your design project today.

How to use a Uizard template

Bring your product design to life in minutes not days with AI-powered UI design. Here's how to use Uizard templates in 5 easy steps:

  1. Sign up to Uizard Pro for just $12 per creator per month
  2. Log in and set up your account
  3. Navigate to the Uizard Templates screen
  4. Choose a template from Uizard's extensive library OR generate a design from just a text prompt with Autodesigner
  5. Edit the template, add new screens, update the user flows - the possibilities are endless...

What pages are included?

  • The classic screens for signing up and logging in to the app
  • A user profile screen with quick access to their account settings, payment methods, and security settings
  • A home screen with an overview of your portfolio activities showcasing crypto assets, top NFTs, and buttons for quickly buying / selling and sending / receiving assets
  • A crypto screen showing the latest movement of the coin and buttons to buy and sell cryptocurrencies
  • A wallet screen
  • A screen for converting cryptocurrencies
  • A dedicated portfolio screen with a button to swap between cryptocurrencies and NFTs
  • An NFT marketplace screen
Screenshot of Crypto NFT Mobile App: wallet screen
Screenshot of Crypto NFT Mobile App: crypto conversion screen
Screenshot of Crypto NFT Mobile App: user profile screen
Image summary of Crypto NFT Mobile App template

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