Job App Template

Say hello to JOBSNAP, our job app design template for mobile devices

Looking to design your own mobile job app? Our brand-new mobile app design template, JOBSNAP, is here to make your job all the easier. Our digital product design templates come with all the must-have UX features for your project, meaning you can design prototypes faster than ever before. Simply sign up for Uizard Pro, open the template, and share it with your team.

Job search app design just got a whole lot easier

Whether you are a startup building out a brand-new vision, or you're an established brand looking to mockup a new app design, Uizard is here to make the ideation and iteration stages of your project easier than ever before.

Customize our templates rapidly with your team

Use JOBSNAP straight out of the box or customize it to suit your vision. Uizard's drag-and-drop editor is super easy and streamlined to use, meaning you can put your aesthetic spin on our premade templates with ease. Adding new screens and new user journeys is as simple and easy to do!

What pages are included?

  • A charming home screen with job search CTA
  • User onboarding flow with job search mockup
  • Job listing example with job details and core data points
  • Company profile screen with business data mockup

Interactive Preview