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Food Delivery Mobile App Template | App Design | Uizard

Searching for a high-quality food delivery app template or a food ordering app template for mobile? Use QuickBite!

With QuickBite, a food ordering mobile app template, designing your FoodTech business is now easier than ever.

QuickBite is an easy-to-use food delivery app template designed by Uizard's in-house designers

If you're looking to design a food takeaway app for your restaurant or a food delivery service for your area, look no further than QuickBite, Uizard's latest food ordering app template. This template comes with 13 mobile screens that are beautifully designed, yet with easy customization possibilities in mind. When you choose this food delivery app template, you can replace all texts, images, colors, and styles with your own. It's the perfect head start for a personalized food delivery app for your FoodTech startup!

This food ordering app template includes all the basics and more

We're thrilled to release this mobile version of our popular food delivery web app template in Uizard. This mobile template enables you to design a companion app for your web-based food delivery business with minimal time and effort. Not only are the basic screens for a food ordering app included, you also get extra screens that truly take your food business to the next level.

What pages are included?

  • A home page
  • A login page
  • A 'discover restaurants' page
  • A Search page
  • An order cart
  • An entire checkout / purchase order flow
  • And more!

Interactive Preview