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Crowdfunding tablet app design template

crowdfunding tablet app design template cover screen

Introducing our brand-new tablet crowdfunding app design template

Working on your own crowdfunding app design? Our new tablet app layout template is here to make your job all the easier! Our UI mockup comes with all screens you could possibly need to design an app that stands the test of time. Streamline your design project today with Uizard templates, the fastest way to create a workable prototype.

Our template is here to give you some time back in the design process

Why waste time with complicated UX design tools? Uizard saves valuable time when it comes to turning your app ideas into design reality. Whether you are wireframing an early idea, adding clickable links to a mockup, or adapting a template, Uizard supports you to complete your project in minutes, not days.

Support a great cause, collaborative design

Working with a team on your tablet crowdfunding app design? Collaboration on your app idea is super easy with Uizard's smart collaboration features. Invite colleagues to view your prototype or add them to your project so you can edit your designs together.

How to use a Uizard template

Bring your product design to life in minutes not days with AI-powered UI design. Here's how to use Uizard templates in 5 easy steps:

  1. Sign up to Uizard Pro for just $12 per creator per month
  2. Log in and set up your account
  3. Navigate to the Uizard Templates screen
  4. Choose a template from Uizard's extensive library OR generate a design from just a text prompt with Autodesigner
  5. Edit the template, add new screens, update the user flows - the possibilities are endless...

What pages are included?

  • A smart and clean landing page with quirky lime green accents
  • Campaign landing screen showcasing the cause of the week
  • Crowdfunding campaign screen with further details and fundraising CTA
  • User contribution screen with donation total and 'Pay now' CTA
crowdfunding tablet app design template campaign screen
crowdfunding tablet app design template setup screen
crowdfunding tablet app design template confirmation screen
crowdfunding tablet app design template summary

Interactive Preview

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