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BI dashboard web app template

BI dashboards cover web app design

Discover a professional BI dashboard web app template

For a professional business intelligence dashboards web app UI design, try this stunning, fully customizable UI design template. This template can be iterated on in the Uizard editor, shared with teammates or stakeholders and even turned into a clickable prototype with just the click of a button.

Create a clickable BI dashboards web app prototype

All of Uizard’s web app templates come with pre-determined interactions between pages. When ‘preview’ is clicked, this BI dashboards web app template is transformed into a prototype, meaning you can click through and view what would occur in the user journey. Prototypes are a vital way to gain stakeholder interest and investment, and with Uizard, it’s easier than ever to communicate and showcase your web app digital product designs with others.

Edit this BI dashboards web app design to make it your own

Amend, and add to, this premade UI template so that you can incorporate your own design style. Whether you need to add a business logo, different images or even apply a new theme, Uizard’s easy-to-use editor allows you to simply edit and change all of the UI components that are included in the screens.

What pages are included?

  • BI dashboard homepage
  • Marketing page
  • Revenue page
  • Finance page
BI dashboards finances web app design
BI dashboards marketing web app design
BI dashboards revenue web app design
BI dashboards home page web app design

Interactive Preview

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