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Google Material Design Web App Template

A web app mockup template using Google Material Design

PixLab is a fully customizable web app mockup of a photo web app like Pinterest. What's special about PixLab is that it reflects Material Design, an adaptable open source design system created by Google, that supports the best practices of user interface design. You can use PixLab as a web app mockup template when you're developing a web application.

Developing a web application with Material Design

If you want to create a web app mockup embodying Material Design, working in Uizard might be a good choice for you! Uizard has the Material Design theme built-in, so you can use it when creating any mobile or web app mockup.

PixLab is a web app example that uses Material Design

PixLab, a photo web application, is merely a web app example that employs the tenets of Material Design. You can use Uizard when developing a web application that embodies Material Design, no matter the category. All you have to do is enable the theme and drag-and-drop components and templates on Uizard's builder as usual.

What pages are included?

  • Two different views of images on the web app
  • An individual page featuring a photo and its details

Interactive Preview