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HR web app template

Screenshot of HRIS web app: cover

A HRIS website design template for your own HR software design project

Looking to design your own HRIS web app? Our brand-new HR software web app design template is here to streamline your design journey. Built with a stunning, minimalist aesthetic, our HRIS web app template is ready to go out of the box. Simply sign up to Uizard, select the template, and begin prototyping your own HR web app design.

Work with your team, or create your HR web app design template solo

If there's one thing we take seriously, it's collaboration. If you are designing your own human resources web app and want to get your team involved in the design flow, simply share a link to your Uizard project and begin collaboration in real-time. You can even share your mockup with potential customers or clients to really test your web app concept.

How to get the most out of our HRIS web app template?

In a world where having the best talent is the key to business success, having solid HR processes is crucial. We crafted this HRIS template for you to design the best HRIS software for your use case. This HRIS template comes with diagrams and pre-crafted screens but, best of all, the entire UI template can be curated and customized to really suit your vision or branding!

How to use a Uizard template

Bring your product design to life in minutes not days with AI-powered UI design. Here's how to use Uizard templates in 5 easy steps:

  1. Sign up to Uizard Pro for just $12 per creator per month
  2. Log in and set up your account
  3. Navigate to the Uizard Templates screen
  4. Choose a template from Uizard's extensive library OR generate a design from just a text prompt with Autodesigner
  5. Edit the template, add new screens, update the user flows - the possibilities are endless...

What pages are included?

  • People: a members page
  • A wellness check-in page
  • A time-off management screen
  • An application-tracker page for hiring
  • A dashboard for HR metrics
  • And more!
Screenshot of HRIS web app: settings screen
Screenshot of HRIS web app: time-off management screen
Screenshot of HRIS web app: application-tracker screen
Image summary of HRIS web app template

Interactive Preview

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