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HRIS Web App Template

When you can't find the best HRIS software and are looking for an HRIS template for a web app…

…we've got you covered.

Does this picture sound familiar? You're looking for the best HRIS software, you try and fail to find one that works, but then you finally decide to build your own from scratch and are ready to go on a design spree.

You've come to the right place! Uizard's HR management or HRIS template is here to save your day! Now, you're one step closer to the best HRIS software for your needs.

But first, what is HRIS software?

HRIS is an acronym for Human Resource Information System. It's a software that holds the database of your employees, their performance, leave management, benefits, etc.

And what's this HRIS template?

In a world where having the best talent is the key to business success, having solid HR processes is crucial. We crafted this HRIS template for you to design the best HRIS software for your use case. This HRIS template comes with diagrams and pre-crafted screens; all of which can be curated and customized to your preference.

What pages are included?

  • People: a members page
  • A wellness check-in page
  • A time-off management screen
  • An application-tracker page for hiring
  • A dashboard for HR metrics
  • And more!

Interactive Preview