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Social media website template

Social media website design cover

Social media website UI design template

Social media isn’t going anywhere, so we’re not surprised you’re looking for a social media web design template to help you with your next design project. This UI template has been produced by our professional designers, meaning everything you need for a social media website template is already there for you. But, if you need to make edits, Uizard’s user-friendly interface helps you to edit the template and create a stunning social media website visual template that stands out from the rest.

Customize your social media website mockup with ease

All of Uizard’s website UI templates are customizable. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or new to UI design, Uizard makes it easy for anyone to create a professional design for a social media website. Customize and personalize the template to make it on brand with your own specific business needs. From the layout to the color scheme, you have full control by simply dragging and dropping components and editing them with the inline toolbar or design bar.

Simplify your design process with Uizard's AI technology

Uizard's AI-powered design tools simplify the design process. With Uizard, you can quickly transform your ideas into reality by generating UI designs, wireframes, and mockups. Uizard's AI UI design features also allows you to automatically extract design elements from screenshots and images, saving you time and effort. Why not try the Autodesigner widget at the bottom of the interface so that you can generate new screens, images and change the full theme of the template with just a text prompt and the click of a button?

Collaborate and iterate in Real-Time

Collaboration is key when it comes to designing a website mockup. Uizard enables seamless collaboration with your team members or clients. Share your project with them and gather their feedback in real-time, allowing you to iterate and improve your design quickly and efficiently. No software install required! Sign up now and unlock a world of possibilities for creating a unique social media website UI template.

What pages are included?

  • Chat page
  • Home page
  • Stories screen
Social media website design chat page
Social media website design home page
Social media website design stories page
Social media website design summary page

Interactive Preview

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