Presenting the Top 25 Winners in Uizard’s 2024 Product Leader Awards

Presenting the Top 25 Winners in Uizard’s 2024 Product Leader Awards

A Circle of Innovation Excellence.

We're excited to announce the winners of Uizard’s 2024 Product Leaders Awards.

100 exceptional individuals caught our attention this year for their leadership in building and innovating on some of the world’s best digital products. Other nominees stood out in the tech and product community for their efforts to give back to others in the product management field and pay it forward through mentorship, coaching, writing, teaching, and more.

We're excited to introduce you to our 25 winners, representing a circle of innovation excellence. After three intense weeks of nominees rallying their communities, colleagues, friends, and fans to vote, join us in recognizing their passion, achievements, and contributions:

Seasoned Product Leaders

Impressive senior product professionals who have tackled complex challenges at the highest levels of management.

Clement Kao, Founder at Product Teacher, Principal PM at Pano AI

Innovative product leader enabling climate adaptation by detecting wildfires with computer vision. Formerly an esteemed PM instructor and coach for Fortune 500 clients, coaching 7,000+ PMs. Shipped multi-million dollar products, authored 300+ publications recognized globally. Passionate about creating customer value and enabling better lives through tech and product management.

Deborah Liu, CEO at Ancestry

A Silicon Valley leader, drives innovation in consumer tech products. With 20+ years at Facebook, PayPal, and eBay, she excels in leading product and engineering teams. Known for creating billion-dollar businesses, entering new markets, and aligning strategies with customer needs.

Pablo Silva, Head of Product at iFood

Leads teams managing iFood's order lifecycle for 18M+ users and 60M+ monthly orders. Focused on delivering business results, forming high-performance teams, and materializing company strategy through valuable products and services. Passionate about helping new leaders.

Moe Ali, CEO at Product Faculty

Pioneers advanced product management training, specializing in upskilling mid to senior-level PMs. Positioned Product Faculty as a premier destination for cutting-edge education. Previously held crucial roles in product and growth at various tech companies, enhancing their strategic direction.

Product Educators

Influential voices shaping product management’s future through expert writing, coaching, training, and advisory efforts.

Roman Pichler, Founder, Coach, and Trainer at Pichler Consulting

A leading product management expert, who focuses on strategy, leadership, and agility. Author of four acclaimed books including "Strategize" and "How to Lead in Product Management". Trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies.

Lenny Rachitsky, Author, Product coach at Lenny’s Newsletter and Lenny’s Podcast

A notable figure in product management, shares insights through his influential newsletter, hosts a podcast, and manages a job board. With angel investments, he strengthens the product management landscape.

Petra Wille, Product Leadership Coach

An independent product leadership coach and author of "STRONG Product People" and "STRONG Product Communities," elevates product teams and leaders since 2013. Co-organizer of Product at Heart in Hamburg, Germany.

Alexandra Ciobotaru, Ecosystem Engagement and Strategic Partnership Manager at Maersk

Business strategist and advocate for women's empowerment. With a diverse background in product management and innovation, Alexandra champions gender equality through Femme Lead Podcast. Recognized as a top talent by Berlingske.

Teresa Torres, Product Coach at Product Talk

Globally recognized author, speaker, and coach, known for revolutionizing product teams with her structured approach to continuous discovery. With her bestseller "Continuous Discovery Habits" and vast teaching experience, she impacts thousands of product professionals worldwide.

Marty Cagan, Partner at Silicon Valley Product Group

Shapes product strategy and innovation for top tech firms like eBay and Netscape. Authored seminal works like "INSPIRED" and "EMPOWERED," and recently released "TRANSFORMED." His expertise in effective product teams and processes guides global tech leaders.

Anebi Agbo, Digital Solutions Director at the State of Arizona

Product leader with over a decade of expertise in cybersecurity, fintech, and blockchain. He excels in building data-driven products and high-performance teams, impacting startups to Fortune 500 companies and now, the state of Arizona. As the host of The Inflection Podcast, he explores the defining moments of top business and thought leaders.

Büşra Coşkuner, Founder, PM Coach, Trainer at Producteer GmbH

Experience product leader and educator, who drives product success through hypothesis-driven approaches, emphasizing customer satisfaction and business impact. Specializing in product analytics, discovery, and validation, she trains and coaches product teams to build better products aligned with customer outcomes.

Dr. Nancy Li, Founder at Product Manager Accelerator

Forbes-featured innovator with 8 years' experience. CEO of PM Accelerator, driving success and fostering education on her social channels like Youtube (@DrNancyLi), and by creating the popular product management course. A distinguished leader in edge platforms, pioneering 5G products and championing social equity. Find out about her other achievements here.

Christina Wodtke, Core Lecturer at Stanford University

Specializes in HCI, product management and design while serving as a leader in Stanford’s Computer Science department. With a rich Silicon Valley background at companies like LinkedIn and Yahoo, she is also a prolific writer and founder of Boxes and Arrows. Known for her insights on humanizing technology and fostering inclusive workplaces.

Melissa Perri, Board member, CEO, Author, Advisor

Renowned in product management, leads Product Institute, Produx Labs, and CPO Accelerator, pushing boundaries in education. Author of the foundational handbook, Escaping the Build Trap. Trusted advisor to Fortune 500s and startups, Melissa simplifies complex ideas, making her indispensable to ambitious leaders.

Tim Herbig, Product Management Coach & Consultant, Speaker at

As a Product Management Coach and Consultant, Tim enables product teams to make real progress by connecting the dots of Product Strategy, Product OKRs, and Product Discovery.

Product Leaders at Top Companies

Masterminds behind the products we use daily, from social media giants, like Facebook and LinkedIn, to tech titans, such as Google and Dropbox.

John Cutler, Product Enablement at Toast

A global product coach, drives teams to better practices in the "habit business." With extensive product management experience from companies like Zendesk, and Amplitude, he empowers teams worldwide, emphasizing action over words. Author of The Beautiful Mess newsletter.

Annie Jean-Baptiste, Director of Product Inclusion & Equity at Google

A transformative tech executive disrupts business norms with her focus on inclusion and equity. Co-founder of Product Inclusion & Equity at Google and author of "Building for Everyone," she pioneers inclusive product design strategies across industries.

Diego Granados, Product Manager AI & Machine Learning at Google

A versatile Product Manager, who collaborates seamlessly across business, technical, and design realms. With expertise in Web, Mobile, AI, and Machine Learning, he navigates complex challenges with a keen focus on user empathy and ethical AI practices. Author of the Youtube channel dedicated to product management.

Jeff Lash, VP of Global Product Management at Forrester

Passionate Product Leader with nearly two decades of experience driving growth and innovation. Specializes in product strategy, organizational change management, team leadership, and product development lifecycle optimization. Thought leader and contributor to the product management community.

Peter Yang, Product Lead at Roblox

Product expert, who leverages his diverse experience through various channels, e.g. his Creator Economy newsletter, to empower creators worldwide. With a background in engineering and product management, he fosters community growth and monetization strategies. His insights shape the future of creator economies, reflected in his impactful work and engagements.

Founders with Product Background

Entrepreneurs whose innovative spirit led them to create their own companies and digital products, driving change in the industry.

Ant Murphy, Founder at Product Pathways

Founder of Product Pathways and his own product coaching business. Regular conference speaker and ProdPad Approved Partner. He shares his product insights through his YouTube channel and newsletter. Passionate about helping product managers and companies build impactful products.

Eric Ries, Founder and Executive Chairman at LTSE

New York Times bestseller author of The Lean Startup, creator of the Lean Startup methodology. Founder of LTSE, advised startups like IMVU, and partnered with GE for FastWorks. Entrepreneur-in-residence at Harvard Business School, IDEO, and Pivotal.

Paulo Chiodi, Founder at Product Guru

9+ years of experience in product in Telecom, Fintech, FoodTech and E-commerce companies. Creator of Product Guru’s, one of the largest and most influential product management community in Brazil that addresses and creates content about business, product management and technology. Considered one of the 50 most influential professionals by @Journey in 2020 and one of the 50 most relevant by @GamaAcademy in 2022.

Jeff Gothelf, Founder at

Renowned product management expert, co-authored Lean UX and Sense & Respond. His latest book, Forever Employable, explores building agile cultures. With a background in software design, he coaches and speaks globally on business agility, digital transformation, and human-centered design.

Congratulations to these winners and to all of the nominees, who are inspiring figures to look up to while they push the boundaries of innovation.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the voting process. May this just be the beginning of connecting and learning from one another.

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