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Calendar app template

Calendar app UI design template

Create the perfect app design with Uizard's Calendar App Template

Looking to design a calendar app? Uizard's calendar app template is perfect for creating a sleek and intuitive app ui design. Whether you're designing a personal planner, a scheduling app, or an event management tool, our app design template provides a solid foundation to kickstart your project.

Effortlessly design a stunning calendar app UI

With Uizard as your AI-powered UI design tool, you can easily create a visually appealing calendar app UI design. Customize the color scheme, layout, and components of our app template to match your brand or project requirements. Uizard's intuitive design tools, and drag-and-drop functionality, make it easy for both seasoned designers and beginners to edit and create a beautiful and user-friendly calendar app design from a Uizard template.

Seamless collaboration and iteration

Collaborate with your team seamlessly using Uizard's real-time collaboration feature. Share your calendar app design with stakeholders, gather feedback, and make iterations effortlessly. With a Uizard app design template, you can streamline the design process and deliver an exceptional calendar app design in no time.

A versatile calendar app template for mobile

Our Calendar App Template is highly versatile and can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your app design project. Whether you're designing for a client, or for a personal project, our template provides a solid starting point for your calendar app design.

Sign up for Uizard and design a calender app in just a few clicks. With our powerful AI design features and intuitive interface, you can bring your calendar app design to life in no time.

What pages are included?

  • Events page with upcoming events
  • New event creation page
  • Calendar overview page
Calendar app UI design template
Calendar app UI design template calendar screen
Calendar app UI design template event screen
Calendar app UI design template overview screen

Interactive Preview

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