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Google Material Design App Template

An email app design template that uses Google Material Design

One of Uizard's most popular templates for app creation is this mobile email app prototype that embodies Material Design, an open-source design system created by Google to help teams create high-quality and functional digital experiences for mobile.

An email template for mobile app design and iteration

If you want to design an app UI mockup that uses Material Design as pioneered by Google, then Uizard is here to answer your prayers. The Google Material Design theme is built directly into this Uizard template to empower you to create your own email app design.

A functional and customizable mobile email app template embodying UI best practices

As one of our most well-liked mobile app templates, this email app prototype is an example of Google Material Design in action. It embodies UI best practices, with fully customizable content and architecture, making it very easy for you to tailor your app design to specific use cases.

What pages are included?

  • An inbox
  • A contact page
  • A contact details page
  • A page for writing the emails

Interactive Preview