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NFT marketplace app UI design

nft marketplace mobile app design overview

Introducing NFTrade: Our NFT Marketplace mobile app design template

Looking to design your own NFT marketplace app to capitalize on the growing size of the NFT market? NFTrade, one of our new UI templates, might be exactly what you’re looking for. Our templates come with all the must-have screens and elements baked in, meaning you can update them to suit your branding and hand them off to a developer in next to no time.

Freshly mint your own digital product design

That's right, our designs come with all the screens, components, and user journeys your mockup might need, but changing things up to suit your project is super easy. You can add new screens, change logos, and update color schemes; with Uizard, you can even import the theme of another website to really make your vision come to life!

Work solo or with your team

Whether you are a founder working alone, or a digital marketer working in a big team, Uizard is streamlined to help you get the most out of your project. To invite team members, you can simply share the link to your project and work together in real-time on your design. Collaboration has never been so easy.

How to use a Uizard template

Bring your product design to life in minutes not days with AI-powered UI design. Here's how to use Uizard templates in 5 easy steps:

  1. Sign up to Uizard Pro for just $12 per creator per month
  2. Log in and set up your account
  3. Navigate to the Uizard Templates screen
  4. Choose a template from Uizard's extensive library OR generate a design from just a text prompt with Autodesigner
  5. Edit the template, add new screens, update the user flows - the possibilities are endless...

What pages are included?

  • A stunning home page screen with ice-blue accents
  • An NFT wallet connection screen for new users
  • NFT browsing screen with images and bid CTAs
  • NFT product display pages with NFT product and auction details
nft marketplace mobile app design home screen
nft marketplace mobile app design product screen
nft marketplace mobile app design user profile
nft marketplace mobile app design summary

Interactive Preview

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