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Music Streaming App Template

Introducing AudioX, a music streaming app design template for tablet

Say hello to AudioX, a music streaming tablet app template to fast-track the design of your own music streaming service. As with all our templates, AudioX has everything you could possibly need for UI prototyping your own digital product idea.

A music streaming tablet app template with all the UX considerations baked in

If you are interested in building your own media streaming service, AudioX is here to expedite your design project. Designed in the vein of the most popular streaming apps out there, AudioX comes with all the screens needed to make your own design a success.

Design your own music streaming tablet app in seconds

Uizard tablet app design templates come with all the necessary user flows and click journeys built in, helping you to finish your design in next to no time. Simply sign up to Uizard, open the template, and get to work designing your project.

What pages are included?

  • Screens of the login flow (sign-up, sign-in, user registration)
  • Home screen
  • Content search screen
  • Personal library screen

Interactive Preview