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App Landing Page Template

Lando: An app landing page design template for tablet

Lando is a robust and aesthetically attuned landing page design template optimized for tablets, designed to frame your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) stylishly and effectively. Lando offers a dynamic and fully customizable template that's easy to work with, whatever your use case may be.

An Iconic design aesthetic powered by the magic of Uizard

As with most of our stunning UI templates, Lando is divided into sections that embody a simplistic and user-friendly design, that is focused on guiding your potential customers down the funnel - let's be honest, if you've got a great product, you want people to see it! The various sections of Lando are also easily duplicated and customized, meaning you can create something quickly that also reflects the personality of your MVP.

Take the next step; champion your MVP with Lando for tablet

Create and edit the content of your startup landing page design prototype with Uizard's handy template. Simply open the template, put your own unique spin on it with drag-and-drop components, and showcase your MVP in minutes - we've made startup landing page design quick and simple with Lando.

What pages are included?

  • A startup landing page template for tablets boasting multiple useful sections including the main banner for your MVP (minimum viable product), testimonials, and a call-to-action
  • A pricing screen with different pricing tiers, as well as an FAQ template, and a contact us page to demonstrate your customer-minded approach
  • An "About Us" screen that features your story, your mission, and your team

Interactive Preview