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Expense tracking web app template

expense tracking cover web app design

Effortlessly create an expense tracking web app design with Uizard’s UI template

Uizard has done the hard work for you by creating this professional expense tracking web app UI design template. Created by the in-house team of talented designers, this expense tracker web app UI design has all of the screens and UI components you would expect from a web app design.

Streamline web app design with Uizard’s web app template

Designing a web app has never been easier. Uizard’s range of web app templates is just what any product team needs to begin a digital product design project. And this expense tracking web app design will get you off to the best start.

Edit the expense tracker web app template in Uizard’s simple editor

Keep it simple! We know that some tools make it very hard to iterate on and make amends to UI designs. That’s why Uizard’s editor has been developed to make the editing process as simple as possible. This expense tracking web app UI design can be easily amended by simply clicking on any UI element. Make quick changes using the inline toolbar, or why not use some of Uizard’s AI-powered features to make more design decisions.

Save time and use Uizard’s AI-powered features

Uizard’s “magic” can be found in the left side toolbar, and all of the features can be used to edit and iterate on this expense tracking web app design. Whether you want to generate additional screens to expand the template, or simply create a new color palette using Uizard’s AI color palette generator, Uizard’s AI-powered features are there to help you make this template your own.

What pages are included?

  • Expense tracking homepage
  • Dashboard page
  • Expense page
  • Trip page
expense tracking dashboard web app design
expense tracking expense web app design
expense tracking trip web app design
expense tracking summary web app design

Interactive Preview

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