Notes App Template

Our sticky notes mobile app design template is here!

Looking to design your own notes app? Our brand-new template is here to streamline your design flow. Our UI design templates are built in house by design experts, meaning that they come fully equipped with everything you could possibly need for you own app design project.

Your daily reminder: prototyping is fast, easy, and collaborative with Uizard

Tired of slow and hard to use prototyping and UI wireframing software? Uizard is here to liberate you from a world of bad design tools. Making your own notes app design for mobile has never been easier than it is with our sticky notes template. Simply sign up to Uizard Pro and bring your vision to life in minutes.

To do: endless customization with Uizard's premade templates

Our templates are good to go straight out of the box, but if you do want to get creative, then Uizard has near-endless customization capabilities so you can really put your own branding stamp on your final design.

What pages are included?

  • A coloful app log-in page
  • A sticky notes landing page for users to store all their thoughts and tasks
  • 'Add a note' user flow with all the must-have screens
  • Voice notes mockup and note category lists to demonstrate the versatility of your app design

Interactive Preview