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IBM Carbon Website Template

A cloud website template for designing a software application using IBM Carbon Design System

Carbon Cloud Dashboard is a UI template that you can use when you want to design a software application. This web app template reflects the IBM Carbon Design System, which is the open-source official design system for IBM web. The Carbon Design System uses a series of unique styles, components, and guidelines that altogether create a unified user interface, all of which are reflected in this template.

Design a software application, an app, or a website with the Carbon Design System

Whether you are designing a software application, a mobile app, or a website, our cloud web app template framed using IBM Carbon Design System is the perfect choice for your project. Design your software application UX prototype with Uizard now and share it with your colleagues and teammates. Collaboration has never been so easy.

A perfect design space with endless customization

Carbon Cloud Dashboard features a sleek and minimalistic design for your next digital product, dashboard project, or SaaS software. It's clean and simple and offers a wide array of customization options allowing you to realize any design on a screen in front of you. Join the digital product design revolution with Uizard today.

What pages are included?

  • A software homepage
  • A settings and user preferences page
  • A dashboard page

Interactive Preview