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Design stunning mockups in minutes

Create stunning visuals in no time at all with the power of AI. Spinning out app, web, and UI design deliverables for your clients has never been so easy.

Generate prototypes from text with Autodesigner

Generate design deliverables in minutes using the power of generative AI. Uizard Autodesigner gives you all the tools you need to make your design idea a reality.

Simply type out your ideas in plain English, click generate, and let AI do the hard work.

Transform screenshots into design deliverables

Take inspiration from any app, website, or user interface with Uizard Screenshot. With the power of AI, Uizard's Screenshot Scanner converts screen grabs into fully editable designs in a matter of seconds.

Creating gorgeous design assets for your projects has never been easier.

Image showcasing Uizard's capability to turn images into customizable design themes.

Generate unique themes with AI

Use Uizard's Theme Generator to update, edit, and adapt your designs.

Whether you've kickstarted a project from a text prompt or from a screenshot, you can update the UI theme of your designs to hit client briefs in no time at all.

No tutorial needed

Prototyping made easy

App prototyping made easy. Design interactive prototypes for web apps, software interfaces, and mobile apps in minutes. Enable your clients to take an active part in designing proof-of-concept deliverables in design sprints and product discovery sessions.

Visual showing of a team of users creating a wireframe in Uizard.
A visual showcasing multiple users designing an interactive prototype in Uizard.
Productivity tool

Save time and money

Capture out project requirements in real time during your first client meeting. Use Uizard to align expectations right from the start. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, an interactive mockup is worth a 1000 meetings!

Image of people collaborating in real-time in Uizard and leaving written feedback in the form of comments.
Real-time collaboration

Get feedback instantly

Just share a link to your project to start collaborating with your team or get feedback from your clients. All from your web browser. No software install required, just pure productivity.

Used by individuals and teams at the world's boldest companies
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Design. Simplified.

App, web, and UI design made easy with the power of AI.

Screenshot of mobile app screens and web pages designed in Uizard