Dating App Template

Say hello to Match Maker, Uizard's mobile dating app design template

Introducing Match Maker, our mobile dating app design template, the perfect match for all your matchmaking app design needs. Packed with all the must-have features for any self-respecting dating app design, Match Maker is sure to charm the socks off your prospective users.

Swipe right to expedite your design process

The world of dating can be fast; designing with Uizard is even faster. To get started with our Match Maker mobile dating app design template, simply sign up to Uizard, open the UI template and get to work. You could have your dating app design completed in minutes.

Fall in love with endless customization

Our Match Maker template comes packed with all the must have screens and interactions for your own dating app design however, if you want to get creative, Uizard is packed with customization features, meaning you can put your own spin on your UI prototype design in seconds.

What pages are included?

  • Stunning app sign up and log in pages with pin log in functionality demonstrated
  • User profile features with form data and image upload screens
  • Search functionality with 'match' profile pages
  • CTAs demonstrating 'swipe left' and 'swipe right' mirroring the most popular dating apps out there on the market
  • Instant message interface to demonstrate how your prospective users will be interacting with each other on a minute-to-minute basis

Interactive Preview