Uizard Autodesigner:
Text to design, automated by AI

Use simple text to generate multi screen mockups for apps and websites with Autodesigner, the latest AI design innovation from Uizard.

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More about Uizard Autodesigner

What is Autodesigner?

Autodesigner is the latest AI design feature from Uizard that enables users to generate multi screen mockups by typing out project ideas in plain English. Autodesigner is pretty much like ChatGPT but for UI/UX design! Joining Uizard's library of AI-powered features, Autodesigner will help bring your vision to life in seconds; simply enter a few simple phrases and let AI bring your app vision to life in a matter of seconds.

Who is Autodesigner for?

Whether you are a design pro or a complete novice, Autodesigner is here to streamline your productivity. Generate and test your ideas and concepts faster than ever before with the power of generative AI. Whether you are a project manager, a marketer, a startup founder, or a developer, Uizard Autodesigner will assist you in turning your ideas into reality.

What can Autodesigner do for me?

Autodesigner will enable anyone to bring their ideas to life with a simple prompt. Describe an app, website, or design idea in plain English and get a stunning multi screen mockup in next to no time.

Can I customize what Autodesigner creates?

Yes! Any design that Autodesigner generates is fully editable and customizable within Uizard's easy-to-use, drag-and-drop editor. Once Autodesigner has generated your project, you can update copy, add new UI components, make your design interactive, and you can even import themes from other design sources to change styling. Uizard is built for teams so you can also invite your colleagues and co-create in real-time.

When will Autodesigner be available?

We can't wait for you to experience Uizard Autodesigner! We'll be inviting early adopters to try out Autodesigner in small batches starting in late March 2023. And the best part? The earlier you sign up for early access, the sooner you'll be able to unleash your creativity with Autodesigner. You can even jump ahead on the early access waitlist by inviting your friends and colleagues with your unique link.

Does Uizard have other AI features?

Yes! Uizard has a powerful library of AI design features that make design easy and accessible. Uizard was built AI-first from day one when the company was founded in 2018. In a way, you could call us the OGs of generative AI for design. (cringe 😬)