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Autodesigner 1.5

Generate editable prototypes, screens, images, and themes using simple text prompts.

The world's first AI UI generator!

Generate multi-screen, editable designs from text prompts or advance any Uizard project by generating new screens, images, and themes directly from the editor.

white grid
white grid
Overview of a design generated by Autodesigner

Generate stunning, editable designs

Never get stuck staring at a blank screen again.

Enter your design idea in plain English, specify a theme, and watch as Autodesigner creates an AI generated UI design in no time at all.

Overview of a design with interaction between components generated by Autodesigner

Prototypes, themes, and screens in a flash

You bring the ideas, AI does the rest. Ideation and iteration has never been so quick and easy.

Use Autodesigner to generate a whole prototype and then update your project with new screens, themes, and images using simple text prompts.

Overview of a design generated by Autodesigner

Edit your design with ease

Editing your Autodesigner project is easy with Uizard's drag-and-drop editor.

Update text, add new images, generate new themes, and create clickable user journeys with ease.

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