Ideation time cut by two thirds using Uizard - How Ingenico accelerated ideation, collaboration, and communication

Ideation time cut by two thirds using Uizard - How Ingenico accelerated ideation, collaboration, and communication

Ingenico is the global leader in payment acceptance services. Active in 37 countries, with over 4,000 employees, Ingenico have been at the forefront of the commerce landscape for over four decades. With more than 40 million payment devices deployed worldwide, powered by over 2,500 apps, the company is servicing the needs of millions of consumers everyday, allowing their customers to do more with payments. Through their advanced integrated solutions, and network of partnerships, they simplify the world of payments and bring value add services to move commerce forward.

Ingenico has been ranked among the top 100 innovative companies in the world. Innovation stands at the forefront of Ingenico values, therefore it was logical for their teams to test AI generated models to efficiently improve their daily operations. Uizard stood out to them naturally.

Ingenico’s Innovation Team

As the Innovation & Strategy Manager at Ingenico, Romain Colnet plays a pivotal role in steering the company's creative and forward-thinking initiatives. Romain is part of a team that works on advanced and breakthrough projects, tasked with disruptive, architectural or radical innovation. 

The Ingenico innovation team conducts new product ideas from concept to a fully fledged prototype before handing off to their product team. They are responsible for market research, competitive analysis, client development and value propositions, leveraging their expertise to find creative solutions that break new ground in payment acceptance solutions.

Ingenico's business profile

Challenge - time-consuming processes

The Innovation Team faced challenges with time-consuming ideation sessions coupled with a heavy reliance on consultants and manual research. This made the initial stages of digital product development an arduous and costly process.

As an advocate for creative thinking and problem-solving, Romain sought after an innovative tool that would allow him and his team to speed up and to empower the ideation.

As developing new products is on average 27% of revenue and 25% of profits for businesses, it was crucial for the Innovation team to ideate more efficiently, and therefore, ship faster.

Other product design tools were too difficult and time consuming. These pixel-perfect tools were not fit for purpose, and took too much time to create what they needed without the added cost of designers and consultants.


  • Innovation Team sought efficient tools for faster ideation.
  • Reliance on consultants slowed down the process.
  • Traditional product design tools had a high learning curve and were not fit for purpose.

Solution - Uizard transforms ideation

Ingenico found a transformative solution in Uizard, a tool designed to make ideation and collaboration easier than ever before. 

Built to empower users to create and share software product designs regardless of background, Uizard streamlines UI design ideation, collaboration, and creation. Uizard’s editor offers users an intuitive platform that product team stakeholders can use with ease. Start from scratch with a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, utilize ready-made UI templates or harness the power of AI to convert screenshots into editable mockups. Uizard provides a collaborative environment for users to explore solutions and create prototypes from just an idea.

The Innovation team at Ingenico was able to visualize their ideas more easily, with almost no learning curve with Uizard. Uizard's Autodesigner made it possible to visualize digital product designs instantly, eliminating the frustrations of manual research and reliance on external consultants.

Improved Collaboration

Uizard not only accelerated ideation but also alleviated the frustrations of collaboration between the Innovation Team and the Tech Team. This solution enabled a closer collaboration between Ingenico's innovation and tech team, reducing the need for external consultants and streamlining the entire process. The implementation of the Ingenico design system as a Uizard template ensures his alignment with Ingenico's branding standards.

Streamlined Workflow

Romain no longer endured weeks or months of frustrating back-and-forth with consultants or internal team members. Uizard's AI-powered features allow him to ideate at speed, significantly reducing the number of ideation sessions from three meetings to one.

Rapid Screen Generation

Uizard's capabilities enabled the rapid generation of UI screens, transforming a once time-consuming process into a task that now takes less than a minute. The frustrations of manual design work were replaced with a seamless, automated solution that produces UI designs effortlessly.


  • Cut time spent on ideation by two thirds: Sessions that previously required three meetings and three hours now only need one.
  • Generated over 200 screens in less than 6 months: With the aid of Uizard's AI-driven capabilities, Romain and his team were able to swiftly generate each screen in under a minute, resulting in the rapid production of more than 200 screens that assisted in expediting their design decision-making process.
  • Efficient collaboration: Collaboration between the Innovation Team and the Tech Team improved significantly.
"During ideation sessions, you talk and think about digital product designs but it can be difficult to visualize. The fact that you can have something visual with Uizard in less than one minute has massively improved our workflow. Then you can easily iterate those visuals, collaborate with others, make quick changes and create something special to share with your team. You can see something, compared to before when you are thinking about it." Romain Colnet, Innovation & Strategy Manager, Ingenico

Future outlook

The frustrations that once plagued the ideation phase of digital product development are now a thing of the past. With Uizard, Ingenico has successfully cut down time-consuming ideation sessions, improved collaboration, and reduced reliance on external consultants. 

The Ingenico Innovation team is committed to exploring additional existing features offered by Uizard. As Uizard continues to evolve, Ingenico anticipates staying at the forefront of digital product innovation, leveraging Uizard’s capabilities to continually refine their processes and drive even more efficient, creative, and impactful solutions in the world of payment acceptance.

Uizard thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative experience with Ingenico, finding it to be a highly positive and productive partnership. Throughout the course of working together, Ingenico demonstrated a commitment to innovative thinking and creativity. The seamless communication and synergy fostered a dynamic working relationship, allowing for the successful execution of projects. Such as Ingenico’s involvement in an early beta testing of an exciting update that allowed Uizard to improve on the feature before public release, all thanks to their willingness to collaborate. This eagerness to work together, as well as Ingenico’s expertise and collaborative spirit, are all traits that make this partnership a rewarding and enjoyable one.

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