10 amazing app UI templates you can use right now

10 amazing app UI templates you can use right now

Looking to kickstart the app design process? With Uizard you have access to a whole host of UI app design templates to fast-track your latest app design project. Whether you are looking to design a new productivity app, something for finance, or even your own new revolutionary dating app, there really is something for everyone.

As with all of our UI templates, you can either use them straight out of the box, or you can use Uizard’s limitless customization options to really make the design your own. To get started, simply sign up to Uizard, select your template, and get to work.

Looking for a little inspiration? Take a look through 10 of our app design templates that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.


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5 new mobile app templates

Dating mobile app

Looking to design the next Tinder? Our mobile dating app template is the perfect starting point. Designed in flirtatious pink, the template comes with everything you could possibly need, right out of the box. From premade components to perfectly placed elements, use it as it is, or adapt it to suit your own vision.

mobile dating app design template
A chic and flirtatious dating app UI template

Fitness mobile app

Our new fitness app design template for mobile was designed with productivity in mind. Packed with all the must-have screens for any self-respecting fitness app design, including onboarding screens, workout directory, and user stats. You can then go ahead and customize each screen using Uizard’s AI features. Use the theme generator to apply a new color scheme to your entire project, and much, much more.

mobile fitness app design template
Our new fitness app UI design template!

Instant messaging mobile app

Have you spotted a gap in the instant messaging app design niche? Our IM mobile app template could be the perfect way to realize your own design! Our UI design templates are functional, meaning with a quick rebrand and the addition of your unique USPs, your own design could be ready to prototype in minutes. You can even generate additional screens using just a simple text prompt with our Autodesigner widget located in the editor.

messaging mobile app template
Our new IM mobile app UI template in warm and vibrant yellow

News feed mobile app

Brought to you with fashionable burnt orange accents, our news feed mobile app template, NewsPulse, is here to streamline your mobile app design project. Our templates boast all the screens you could possibly need as well as a consistent theme and pre-defined user flows. Use it as it is, or adapt it to meet the needs of your project!

news feed mobile app design template
In fashionable burnt orange, our news feed app design template

Social media mobile app

Want to design the next TikTok or Instagram? Our new social media mobile app template, Connected, could be the perfect solution for your project. Packed with features, this app design is a UI template that reflects the core tenets of social media UX. And, you can tailor it to your liking using our easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor.

social media mobile app design template
Connected, a stunning social media app UI template

3 new web app templates

Cloud storage web app

As with all our stunning web app templates, the cloud storage web template comes with everything you could possibly need to get your own project off the ground. Adapt the design to suit your MVP or use it straight out of the box to impress teammates and clients! If you’re working as part of a team, you can even invite others to view or edit your project too.

web cloud sharing design template
Our cloud sharing web app template comes in ice-cold blue

Project management web app

The irony of our project management web app template is that it will dramatically improve the management efficiency of your design project. Why? Well, because Uizard app templates are easy to use and support your team to collaborate like never before! And you can even use our AI features to update images, themes and add new screens to your web app design.

project management web app template
Streamline your design project with our project management web app template

Video calling web app

Want to be the next Skype? Check out our new video calling web app template which is packed with all the must-have features to design your own video messaging application. All Uizard templates are crafted by professional designers, which really lends them a high quality, user-ready appearance.

video call web app template
Design just got a whole lot easier with our stunning video call web app template

2 new tablet app templates

Notes tablet app

Looking to design something for a tablet ? Our new tablet app UI design templates could be the perfect solution for your project! Boasting a stunning and streamlined aesthetic, our sticky notes tablet app template is here to kickstart your design flow. With our handoff mode, you can even export design assets or code to take your template and use it elsewhere.

sticky notes tablet app template
Simple and effective; our sticky notes tablet app template

To do list tablet app

Got tablet app design on your to do list? Our new to do list template will change the way you look at design. Created in stunning pastel coloring, the template is functional from the outset with clickable links and defined user flows. Simply sign up to Uizard, update the template to suit your project, and share it with your team. Tablet app design is made quick and easy with Uizard.

sticky notes tablet app design template
Designed by professionals; our to do list tablet UI template

Ready to design your own app? Check out the full range of UI design templates now and transform your vision from idea to design reality. You can sign up to Uizard Pro for just $12 a month, which gives you access to the entire range of Uizard Pro templates!